Saturday, 25 September 2010


Before I start up again with the gaming stuff here's something you should care about if want to keep your internet freedom ...

Anti Counterfeit Trade Agreement is a new possible law which has already been passed in a couple of countries. This new law was made initially made to protect traders and original media creators from there content being copied by freeloaders. Doesn't sound to bad right? Think again. This will destroy our internet all together. There's so much I actually probably can't fit in this post without it taking forever so instead go to the website below, watch the video and if you really want to help, search the website for ways that you can prevent this law from being passed. It's only a matter of time so the more people that visit this website the better.

So now you know about that, it will be back to games next post :) please visit that website guys and keep checking my blog for more posts. See yaa :)